A Canadian teen just made a discovery that will make historians and archaeologists jealous they didn’t discover it first. By comparing ancient star charts and the positions of known Mayan ruins, a 15-year-old high school student from Quebec, Canada has discovered ruins from an ancient Mayan city.

William Gadoury first realized the strange disconnect between the vast intelligence the Mayans obviously possessed and the peculiar location choices for where they built their cities. Instead of building them near rivers or other fertile areas, they were often built in less strategic areas. Because of this, Gadoury realized the answer he sought came from above.


The Mayans were known for many things, including their mastery of astronomy. Thus, after Gadoury studied 22 Mayan constellations, he noticed that 117 of their cities matched perfectly with the various locations of the constellations. A 23rd constellation, however, was incomplete.


After examining Google Earth satellite images, the ambitious 15-year-old noticed what he felt were the platforms of Mayan pyramids. Although it was simply an observation, Gadoury’s findings intrigued the satellite operators enough to provide him with enhanced images of the lush forests found in the Yucatan Peninsula. Although it’s yet to be confirmed, it seems the young student may have made the discovery of a life time.