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Savvy internet users know that with the right ad blocking extension, you can surf the web virtually ad free. One of the most popular ad blocking extensions is Adblock Plus. Those who use Adblock Plus, however, may notice something strange in the near future. Adblock Plus has announced that they will be replacing web advertisements they’ve deem big, ugly or intrusive and replace them with ads they deem more subtle and more acceptable.

In other words, when an internet user visits a page while using the Adblock Plus extension, they will get a different advertising experience than those who aren’t using the extension.


Adblock Plus is hoping that this technique will usher in a new era of “Acceptable Ads.” The ads won’t be able to track visitors from site to site and they’ll be limited to certain dimensions deemed acceptable by Adblock Plus’ guidelines.


On the surface, it seems like a win-win. Publishers will get to have some ads featured on sites, instead of none at all. Users won’t have to deal with obtrusive and annoying advertisements. It will be interesting to see how long this symbiotic digital relationship lasts, however. It’s unclear just what type of effect Adblock Plus’ new decision will have on the digital marketplace.