59846905 – young woman protester standing in an urban street shouting into a megaphone airing her grievances , close up profile head shot

Ryan Locthe’s drunken behavior at the Rio Olympics earned him more attention than his impressive swimming career ever has. So, when ABC decided to add the 32-year-old to its fall season of Dancing with the Stars, it’s obvious they were fishing for some controversy and looking to boost ratings. They received exactly what they were looking for on September 12th.

Following Locthe’s first performance on the popular reality show, protestors rushed the stage and interrupted the live telecast. ABC News reported that two protestors hop on to the stage while Locthe was receiving his score and at least four other people yelled anti-Locthe chants. The protesters were immediately apprehended and arrested for trespassing.


The incident made waves almost instantly, as social media users started posting about it in mass numbers. While the protestor’s motives are somewhat unclear, they are obviously upset by ABC’s decision to feature the controversial swimmer. On one hand, this could potentially be a bad look for ABC. They are bringing negative attention to a family orientated show/network that emphasizes dancing and wholeheartedness. On the other hand, this may be exactly what ABC was hoping for when they decided to put Locthe on the show. After all, any attention is good attention. It will be interesting to see how ABC responds to this on next week’s episode.