31129889 – graz, austria – may 31, 2014: lb timmi kleinnibbelink rysgaard (#2 denmark) is transported off the field after an injury.

Football cannot be completed without a slate of high-profile injuries. Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season was no different.

The biggest name with the longest lasting injury after Week 1 is undoubtedly Keenan Allen. The young and talented Chargers wide receiver went down with a serious knee injury, most likely a torn ACL, and it has ended his season after just one half of football. It’s the second year in a row Allen has been forced to exit the season due to a season ending injury. The fact that the Chargers began losing their matchup right around when Allen went down isn’t a coincidence. His absence will be felt heavily in San Diego.


Sammy Watkins is another wide receiver that suffered a tough injury in Week 1, albeit one that isn’t as serious as Allen’s. Following the Bill’s loss to the Ravens, reports came in that Watkins has been dealing with a serious foot injury and playing in Week 1 didn’t do it any favors. The fear is that Watkins’ foot will cause him to miss a few weeks, with the possibility of missing even more time. A lingering foot injury will remind fans of Dez Bryant’s 2015 season. He too dealt with an injured foot all season, an injury that forced him to miss eight weeks and it never truly allowed him to feel comfortable last season. Watkins foot will need to be monitored closely throughout the season.